google apps
Google APPS
A suite of online applications from Google that includes mail, calendar, word processing, spreadsheet and presentations. The free Standard Edition also features a newsreader and mail with a address. Google Docs is an application that allows multiple users to create and edit documents, presentations and spreadsheets – all on the Web. Usually, coworkers share documents by e-mailing attachments to one another, which often results in incorrect file versions and scattered, misplaced copies.

With Google Docs, the file is edited in the cloud, where revisions are saved and recovered automatically. Like most of the other Google Apps, administrators can set permissions in Google Docs so that only certain workers are allowed to view and share files. Another convenient feature is the ability to export the documents into different types of file extensions, which can be helpful in those times when a client or customer needs a PDF file ASAP.

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gulfOngoing support and maintenance for non critical issues.

With Google Apps you can get all real-time collaboration tools like email, calendar, IM, voice and video chat. Access email from anywhere and choose the interface your employees want. It helps you to cut training costs and ongoing support. Your IT department can focus on innovation and cost reduction rather than on upgrades, network protection and maintenance. Google Apps provides world-class security for your company. You will always be uploaded to latest version. Google Apps delivers lower costs, cloud infrastructure benefits and user satisfaction.